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Adoption Info

Puppies (under a year): $300
Adults (1 year - 7 years): $200
Seniors (8 Years +): $175
PRICES INCLUDE: ♡Spay or Neuter, Microchipping, Rabies Vaccinations (if over 6 months), Heartworm tests (if over 6 months), and all shots.♡

You will receive all known vet papers and appropriate contracts at time of adoption.

Adoption Fees/Info: About Us

Dear Future Applicants,

Please read:

** ALL current pets must be Up To Date, spayed or neutered, and on monthly prevention.** We will do a thorough background check and call your references and vets offices. OBO doesn't NOT believe in "first come, first served". Thank you for understanding!                               Your future friend can't wait to meet you. ☆

Adoption Fees/Info: About
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