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Pet Of the Week/Adoptables: About Us



2 years old, and 65lbs.Ever wonder what it would be like to have your very own furry house protector? Do you work from home or have short shifts, can you lift scared weight, no kids (my foster home has some but to prevent a return - a home with no kids is required),have a privacy fence, have company sledomly over or a room to put him while company is over, AND time and patience? Choppa is your guy! Although he may try, he has some slightttt uncoordination - with added hops and high stepping, also lack of depth perception. All of that in one dog will probably terrify the intruder more than his bark. As you guessed, he doesn't like new people (or dogs) AT FIRST! Once he knows no one is out to get him - after a few days, he looooves to play with his humans and other resident dogs - this could take a week or longer but, he will get there in the RIGHT hands/home. He was with a cat at his last foster home, he would try to chase the cat every once in a while but, his legs failed him. All that said, he does Not do very well on leash walks. Once he gains confidence in his people and new dog brother/sister - remember patience and time - he walks without screaming, barking, and trashing. He wears a harness for easy slow grabbing access to help him ease in to new places in the house. Please don't attempt to put it on over his head. He looses trust kind of fast - but only for a little. We are still trying to figure out all of his triggers.Choppa LOVES treats and food alike. It helps (as well as baby voices) calm him but, you must take things slow with him; at HIS own pace. Once he trusts he becomes your own personal, toy carrying, ball squeaking, loving shadow! It may take him a week or so to get used to certain areas of his forever home, such as: going through door ways, going down an incline, trying to make sure the difference in floor color isn't a deep dark hole, or lava. While getting him in and out of the crate may also take more time - remember, the floor and "door ways" are black holes and lava (to him) - but he will eventually get in/come out. This is where he will detest for about, 10 minutes or so.He does like to bark at random noises while getting used to new things. For him, going outside every 2-6 hours is a must. You must also stay outside with him to make sure his bladder is completely empty before bed, you go to work, or want to spend time with him in the living room binge watching your favorite show - that you probably fall asleep to. He isn't incontinent, as he doesnt leak. He just holds it in to make sure he can get to those pesky hard to find, and figure out perfect places to mark. 

Pet Of the Week/Adoptables: About Us
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